Here at Hi-Neck™️ we proud ourselves by offering the most advanced, convenient, & affordable health solution on the market

Hi-Neck™ Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)

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Long office hours starting to show in your neck and shoulders health and condition? Is sedentary sitting causing you neck pain? Hi-Neck™️ for neck pain is definitely the right choice for you.

Don’t ignore the muscle pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. The Hi-Neck™️ Intelligent Neck Massager uses low-frequency TENS pulse principle to simulate three massage techniques with up to 15 different strength settings. It can effectively relieve muscle pain and soothe fatigue, giving your neck the love it deserves.

The Hi-Neck™️ is like having a personal massage therapist at all the times and feels identical to a massage from two real hands.Say “no more” to expensive chiropractor bills, with adjustable pressure, heat, and strength control you can now give yourself the massage you need in seconds.

With our innovative Hi-Neck™️ technology, the neck massager will pin point specific pressure points to alleviate all kinds of pain. While also featuring our advanced lightweight design, 8 hour battery life, & extreme durability you can use it whenever and wherever you’d like, such as your home, office, gym, car, travel, etc.

  • Just like a soothing massage from two real hands
  • Soothing Heat Function
  • Ergonomic “L” Shape Design to fit all neck sizes
  • Ultra Portable and Lightweight
  • The Hi-Neck™️ is a must have for anyone who suffers from neck and back pain, tension, or soreness.



Lavern Rieger review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Lavern Rieger
It is very light weight and easy to use. Not to mention you can take it anywhere.

Kari Redding review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Kari Redding
It really works and helps my neck relax after 10 min of use. It has different modes and you have to find the mode that suits you. Modes are easy to control with remote control. You might feel bit weird at the beginning, but it really works if you use it for at least 10 minutes and follow the instructions.

Lavern Rieger review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Harriette Bluitt
I use a computer a lot, so I have started using it on a computer sitting in a chair, which provides deep massage to my back and reduces tension. Any pulse massager will produce a slight pain at the beginning of use. The feeling of being charged varies from person to person but it is safe to use. After each massage, I feel very relaxed. The build quality is strong and the value for money surprised me. It will be a perfect gift for those who complain of neck soreness. All in all, an excellent product. Definitely recommend!

Lavern Rieger review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
In the era of smartphones, there should be a neck massager for massage and relax my neck. I use my phone and iPad all in the day, which makes my neck ache and I want to get a massage on it. This product is gentle. I don't worry about it will hurt me. It has three massage modes, which can be pressed the + which on the remote control to adjust it. Use it after 15 minutes of massage, it will automatically shut down. It's easy to use.
Branden Halliwell review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Branden Halliwell
The neck massager helps me so much since I suffer from nerve damage in my neck which causes muscle spasms all the time. One thing is it beats the sticky pads that get caught in my hair and if you fall asleep it's no big deal it's comfortable and doesn't disturb my sleep. Battery life is long and trust me I use it a lot. Only thing I would like added is a timer so I could make it run for longer periods at a time. Yet I wouldn't give it up for anything.

Elida Swayze review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Elida Swayze
This little gadget took a little getting used to at first but after my second use, it felt wonderful. Fits comfortably around my neck and the heating function feels amazing. Simple operation and the instructions were easy to read. The beep sound is loud so I can be sure that I can hear the modes changing or the unit turning off. The auto shut off after 15 minutes was a nice touch as well. Small and low profile makes this easy to take with me when I am traveling.

Lavern Rieger review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Ashanti Gruber
I just tried my neck massager and I'm in LOVE! I have a disease called Cervical Dystonia which cause very painful muscle cramping in the neck. I came across this neck massager and saw it had a 90 day return policy, so thought I'd give it a try. It's very comfortable which surprised me because I usually don't like things touching my neck. I love the feel of the electrical impulses (there are 3 different settings) They feel like little hands beating my neck. (15 intensity settings). It also has a heat setting. I highly recommend to anyone with neck pain!

Lavern Rieger review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Evelina Speller
This neck massager give me a fully relaxed condition! I can use it at home and when i work at the office! It looks so stylish, so it doesnt seems incorrect) I like, that it very easy to charge, it has good materials corp, also it heat my neck, it so relaxed all my muscles. Recomend it, very nice!
Charise Bezio review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Charise Bezio
Well, my wife hates this. I however, love it! Very unusual device. Unlike any other neck massager I have ever tried. So far works perfectly.

Gaye Davids review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Gaye Davids
I get a lot of sinus headache and tension in my neck. I use this upon waking and before bed. It has helped me out so much since receiving. Very happy with purchase.

Lavern Rieger review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Anya Lorenz
This has many settings and I�m very pleased with how well it helps relieve pain. My husband works long days and I supposed him with this massager. He was SO excited that he could just relax and it had a remote too. It really hits those trigger points and the heat really helps with relief. It is not cheesy at all and is very well made. We fight over who gets to use it now! Lol

Lavern Rieger review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Temperature Heat also being low trend wave massage also is terrific. Shipping fast.
Aurore Lolley review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Aurore Lolley
It's amazing, it fits my work chair perfectly and I can hand it over to work. I can tell me that after running for a few minutes, I feel very hot. This product is an electronic pulse massage. It will cause pain and be charged when you first use it, but you are used to it. It will be super convenient for those who are really busy at work. Now they can use it when driving to work. Relax with this massager. I hope it can have some lossless music ... it should be great!

Anne Zirkle review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Anne Zirkle
it was a gift for my daughter as she has tried everything for her sore neck, she LOVES this gadget, she uses it every day, thank you for standing behind your product , I recommend this to anyone with neck aches and pains !

Lavern Rieger review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Steven Whorley
It was extremely soothing. The heating it provides is a good temperature. The messaging goes from levels 0 through 15. I honestly was very comfortable with level 1 and 2 massaging. Its super relaxing after a long work day.

Lavern Rieger review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Funny thing. Works. Two rear plates are heated and beat with microcurrents (I think so) 🙂 with small pauses. The console turns on and off the heating, turns on or off the massage, and adjusts its power. All operations are accompanied by "bipanje". On the device itself button on. And charging socket. The thing came charged and in the remote battery, you can immediately check. I recommend to buy.
Peggie Evitt review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Peggie Evitt
What a great little device and Just purchased this and knew instantly that I made a good choice. Relieves neck muscle tension very comfortably. love being able to move around the house while wearing it. If you sleep on your neck wrong, no worries.put this around your neck and start feeling better at once. Great quality. This is a really nice massager and I would recommend it to everyone.

Roseline Avilla review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Roseline Avilla
I just love this more then anything if you have problems falling asleep I highly recommend using this my whole family loves it
I hope to buy another ones soon.

Lavern Rieger review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
Alba Mcferren
First of all, it looks beautiful. After the usage, my neck feels comfortable and relax. I'd like to use it when I am working on the computer. Three modes are available. I like the beat mode most./ It's really like a tiny hand is beating on your neck from different angles. I strongly suggest you close your eyes and enjoy this massager with music.

Lavern Rieger review of Neckology Intelligent Neck Massager (50% Off)
The product fully corresponds to the description. I liked it. Has three absolutely different operating modes, 15 power levels. I need the first half of the power. Noiseless, unlike large massagers. Has heating, which is launched separately at will by a remote control. Very nice material on sensations. The courier brought home. Can be used anywhere, completely autonomous. You can take it on the road. Charge holds for a long time. I recommend.